The Water Tower of Africa

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“Dripping water hollows out stone,” wrote the Latin poet Ovid. Such is the power, fascination, and wealth of one of the resources that nature has always offered as a gift to humankind. A priceless gift, especially nowadays when the demographic boom is contributing to a constant increase in global consumption.

Each year the amount of water in the world grows by 1%, which means that by 2050 the water demand will be 30% greater than that of today. Faced with this rise in demand, more and more people are being forced to live with a water shortage, a condition that according to the United Nations affects 40% of the world population today.

Managing water well means protecting the human being and at the same time fostering economic and social development. In this regard, it is estimated that the annual economic impact caused by drought is equal to 5.4 billion dollars, which become 31.4 billion after the impact of flooding.

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