The Water Tower of Africa

32 Bon voyage my painter friend. We like to think that we left you with something of ourselves, of our lives, of our madness, we like to think that the colors of this land have sullied your watercolors and that the sounds of the forest have scratched your soul. Bon voyage my painter friend, tell the stories of our hearts suspended in this valley and our dreams that run upon the river, tell about the impression in the earth, the birds in light, the old bridge and your secrets, tell about the dark eyes. Bon voyage my painter friend, don’t forget every single lutter of the butter ly’s wings, don’t forget the gifted words. Bon voyage my painter friend, lead us away from this enchantment, lead us away from our memories, take us away even for just an instant. Bon voyage my painter friend, do not look back, do not search for us in your notes, we will be the red, the green, the yellow of your watercolors. Message received by Stefano Faravelli after leaving the Salini Impregilo construction sites.