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Preface Our Journey Towards Progress S even years ago, we began an ambitious journey. We em- braced the opportunity to combine visionary dreams and heart-stopping challenges in a way that all business lead- ers aspire to do at least once in a lifetime. The dream was to transform global trade. The challenge was to attempt a feat con- sidered “impossible”. Now, after years of hard work, intense emotion, setbacks and successes, we can gaze upon a structure that will forever shape the Isthmus of Panama. And in doing so, we can truly see the imprint of man upon nature. This impressive construction makes its mark without harming the environment. It heralds a bold new creation while respecting the country’s rich natural heritage, revolutionising the landscape without destroying it. Indeed, this is the very definition of what humanity calls Pro- gress - sustainable development that furthers the human condition, achieves a balance between man and nature, and provides a legacy for future generations. Great infrastructure projects transform our way of life, making all of this possible. Far from simply being two tracks and a train, the railroad of the 1800s embodied a desire to strike out and explore the unknown. In the same way, the new Panama Canal is far more than a physical structure. It is an everlasting gift to world trade. It plants the seeds of a new industrial revolution, one in which water, not steel, will dominate, accompanied by ships, ports and cargo. This is the new Panama Canal, one of the greatest engineering feats ever undertaken on our planet, both in terms of its technical