Riachuelo 3 The Tunnel

8 W e are truly proud to have worked with the Argentine government and the World Bank on this project, with the aim of improving the environment and the quality of life for many people. That is what infrastructure does: it improves life quality. This represents a symbol of sustainability for the country. Innovation, sustainability, engineering-construction complexity, integrated approach and great teamwork. These are the key words that describe the environmental recovery project of the Riachuelo River and the River Plate. Webuild Group (formerly, Salini Impregilo) is actively collaborating with the Argentine Government to clean up the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The contamination level of the river has not been overlooked by the World Bank, leading international agency supporting development increase and poverty reduction. The World Bank has decided to co-finance the construction of a wastewater treatment plant and management system, Riachuelo: The river of Buenos Aires renaissance together with the Argentine government. The kilometric tunnels and canals built will ensure a water treatment system in Buenos Aires, beneficial for the health and life quality of 4.3 million citizens. Despite the difficulties arising from the pandemic, we have managed to continue working safely on this important project, reaffirming two major strengths that characterize our people: resilience and organizational capacity to cope with complex situations effectively. During this challenging past year, we have become more aware that global challenges require governments and companies to respond collaboratively, valuing activities that help us create a more sustainable ecosystem. The Riachuelo Project was very complex from both the technical and organizational point of view. The Group wanted to participate in two of the three lots, and that involved the study and application of an innovative methodology: the Riser Concept. Webuild was the first