Riachuelo 3 The Tunnel

21 by his imagination. In the pages of the second part, the reader will find several tunnels, some of which will take him wherever he wants to go. 1 The book is written for everyone: for those who like illustrations, for those who read it all, for those who are familiar with the engineering aspects of the project, and for those who, although from an engineering background, do not know the project and are interested in it, for those who like reading everything as if reading were an adventure, and for those who want to read the book as they like the most, to leaf through it, to start it in the middle, to read only some chapters, to take a look at others. The cultural part dedicated to the underground renders the book more comprehensive and motivating. After the engineering journey readers will be able to boost their imagination and explore other underground worlds. The technical section of the book puts together simple and educational information from many hours of construction and office work that the project has required. We believe readers may find the presented information, such as procedures, images and illustrative plans, useful for other similar projects. As a matter of fact the book was written by people taking part in the project. When reading it for the first time, or with no previous knowledge of the works, the reader may not find a clear common thread. We apologise as it was not our intention. If there is something unclear we will be always available to explain it. 1. The first edition has also been translated and published in italian, spanish and chinese.