1980 – 1700 BC 1539 – 1076 BC 1076 – 722 BC 722 – 332 BC Middle Kingdom New Kingdom Late Period !ird Intermediate Period Second Intermediate Period 1700 – 1539 BC 19th Dynasty Ramesses I Sethos I Ramesses II Meremptah Sethos II Amenmesse Siptah Twosret 1292-1190 BC 1292-1291 BC 1291-1279 BC 1279-1213 BC 1213-1203 BC 1203-1198 BC 1200-1198 BC 1198-1193 BC 1193-1191 BC Egyptian expansionism in Nubia culminated in the subjugation of the kingdom of Kerma in present-day Sudan and the building of fortresses to control the territory. A!er losing control over the kingdom of Kerma, the campaign of conquest began again with renewed vigor, enabling the pharaohs "utmose I and "utmose III to extend the boundaries of their kingdom as far as the 4 th Cataract, the furthest Egyptian expansion along the Nile. "e region was divided into two administrative districts, Wawat in the north and Kush in the south, governed by viceroys. Taking advantage of the political instability of Egypt and the viceroy of Kush’s growing independence from the central power, Nubia regained its independence and, in the late 8 th Century BC, had a Nubian king installed on the Egyptian throne. Egypt and its Nubian territories were occupied first by the Assyrians, then by the Persians and finally by Alexander the Great, marking the start of a slow, inexorable decline.