31 THE GREAT UNDERTAKING THAT SAVED THE TEMPLES OF ABU SIMBEL PART I THE HISTORY OF ABU SIMBEL AND THE TEMPLES OF NUBIA Texts by CHRISTIAN GRECO, BEPPE MOISO, TOMMASO MONTONATI MUSEO EGIZIO OF TURIN The Egyptian presence in Nubia 33 Ramesses II and his time 43 KV7: the tomb of Ramesses II 57 Superstar mummy 63 Ramessesmania 65 The mirage of Abu Simbel 69 QV66: the tomb of Nefertari 89 !e ba"le of Kadesh 97 Nubian treasures in danger 101 Nubia in Turin 115 An Italian location for the legendary pharaoh 121 VISUAL ESSAYS Nubia under Egyptian rule 40 Solar alignment 75 !e symbolism of Abu Simbel 86 !e Aswan Dam 100 A cultural heritage site rescued from the water 112