DYNAMIC CONTENTS IN AUGMENTED REALITY The undertaking brought to life I N COLLABORAT ION WI TH THE MUSEO EGI Z IO OF TUR I N N U B I A N A THE GREAT UNDERTAKING THAT SAVED THE TEMPLES OF ABU SIMBEL Abu Simbel, the majestic temple dedicated to the power of Ramesses II, had survived millennia of history when, in the 1960s, a new threat rose over Nubia with the construction of the gigantic Aswan dam, another marvel of human genius. The lake that it created would submerge Abu Simbel and many other priceless relics of the past. U nesco launched a worldwide appeal, and six companies from different countries joined forces in the greatest rescue effort ever accomplished. Salini Impregilo celebrates this grand fusion of technical and scientific skills that brought people around the world together in the name of a high ideal.