VISUAL ESSAYS EXTRA CONTENTS Texts by Francesco Tiradri"i In the name of Re 143 !e most important deities of Nubia 153 Great archaeologists in Nubia 156 Nubia under Egyptian rule 40 Solar alignment 75 !e symbolism of Abu Simbel 86 !e Aswan Dam 100 A cultural heritage site rescued from the water 112 Abu Simbel relocation 179 Tools and technologies to meet the challenge 200 VISUAL INDEX OF THE EXPERIENCES OF AUGMENTED REALITY 258 BIBLIOGRAPHY, CREDITS 262 PART II THE STORY CONTINUES TRAVEL NOTEBOOK 127 STEFANO FARAVELLI An unprecedented challenge 164 Appeal to the world 169 1,117 days for 1,070 blocks 173 Phases of the work Protecting the area 187 Dismantling the temples 195 A new location 196 Marble heroes 243 My days at Abu Simbel 253