Building Sights

The greatest challenge of infrastructures: to intervene in themost uncultivated places andmake themaccessible, to connect themwith progress, without revolutionizing them. Flexible cities, which change continuously; sustainable, because they are designed around a development that is custom-made for humans; interconnected, and thus served by modern and efficient means of transportation; but above all, intelligent and integrated thanks to the new technologies. The cities of the future are magnets for individuals, they attract experiences, emotions, ambitions, life. Thanks to this they grow, stretch beyond the borders, physical and cultural ones, drawing new routes for human cohabitation. They are living beings, changing day in and day out, and they breathe thanks to their infrastructures. Skyscrapers, roads, bridges, underground lines, water management plants: these are the city’s lungs, instruments of exchange, opportunities for aggregation, engines of growth and development. Cities Panama City, 2015