Building Sights

A journey through the construction sites, where fleeting signs of the work make way for the indelible traits of a project made to last for years to come. Leaving a footprint means drawing something about oneself with an indelible line, so that no one can ignore that sign. The footprint in a construction site is all this and much more. It is proof of apassage, like the soleof aboot drawnon the sand and swept away by the wind, but it is also an enduring trace. When a construction site is set up, some small completely autonomous cities are created: the same goes for 10,000 people who live in a single environment and are all engaged in the pursuit of a common objective. Once the work is finished, the footprint of that construction site is the work itself, destined to survive in time and to improve the quality of people’s lives. As the photographer states: “We all need to have new challenges. Ever since I started to love photography I quickly understood with joy and fear the distant borders to be reached in order to go beyond. And beyond there are new and endless horizons.” Traces Qatar, Al Khor, Al Bayt Stadium, 2019