Building Sights

Work Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Metro, Line 3, 2018 Discover the places where every day people work with talent and commitment to improve our world. Working in a construction site resembles a mission, a life project that ends with the inauguration of a work, but that until then remains incomplete. To be able to do so takes devotion, devotion, the ability toadapt tothedifferentenvironments,culturesandclimates, but also great competence, manual skill, and technical excellence. Because behind every work, behind every construction site, however imposing and immense it may be, is the signature of engineers, specialized technicians, laborers who together contribute to a common purpose. Great achievements realized by men who by comparison seem small; majestic infrastructures erected one brick at a time, like in the days of the Pyramids, thanks to the sweat and passion of those who chose to dedicate their lives to the dream of building epic works capable of changing countries.