Building Sights

The forms that are born from the paper of a project and arematerialized on the construction site itself: that is how a great work comes to life. The point, the straight line, the plane. Three basic concepts to describe reality. Three points of departure around which to build great works. This is the secret of geometry, the science whose goal is to measure the earth. And this is the origin of the forms that are born from man-made objects, from the shadows cut by a ray of light, from the parallel lines drawn by the banks of a water canal. Geometries recall the physical boundaries of a construction site, the visible frameworkof aproject written on paper; traces of man’s work that take unexpected directions. Tubes, bulkheads, scaffolding, ropes. The geometries are the shape of the building site. Geometries Qatar, Al Khor, Al Bayt Stadium, 2019