Building Sights

The faces of over 35,000 Salini Impregilo (from 2020 WebuildGroup) workers around theworld tell of profound stories, onesmade of complex challenges to be overcome, of satisfactions achieved after so much work. Ina constructon site the faces tell the story of awork itself. They are the mirror of the difficulties of a great project, the interpreters of tension and joy, concentration and relief. They are the custodians of the experience matured on the field, years spent traveling around theworld, fromtheAsian forests to the Middle Eastern deserts, from the African plateaus to the great rivers of South America, and all the way to major cities of Europe and America. The story of some of the largest infrastructural works of the past few decades is written on those faces, etched in the wrinkles, shared in the gazes, and experienced one step at a time, together with the men and the women who have tied their own lives to that of the construction site. Faces New Panama Canal, 2015