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7 Salini Impregilo was founded in 1906, the result of the dream of a group of small builders, with its head- quarters in Italy, and with a grand vision. To grow by building infrastructures that would last in time, symbol- izing progress for generations to come, and impacting the development and the history of man. There are basically two legacies that reach out to fu- ture generations and that mark man’s passage on this Earth. The first of these is the more abstract of the two: it is man’s thinking, handed down through centuries in the form of philosophical thinking (etymology “love of wisdom” from the Greek φίλος “love” and σοφία “wis- dom”). Greek and Roman philosophy, Renaissance and Arab thinking, the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century, philosophies and traditions from which we still draw inspiration. The second of these is instead more concrete, and it involves the engineering works that ever since Antiquity have sought to create well-being, simplifying the lives of entire populations. Growing by building works that leave their mark. This is the vision that after 110 years we are proud to uphold. We believe that major infrastructural projects contribute to creating a better world for today’s and future generations, fostering a balance between man and nature, and for this reason as a business company each and every day we are committed to building a better world, joining beauty, utility and expertise which reflect the engineering tradition of Ancient Rome and the major works of the Renaissance that we feel we are the rightful heirs of. The metamorphosis from small company in the early twentieth century to a global group is the fulfillment of the dream of several generations of men and several enterprises, which through a series of corporate merg- ers between Italian companies and foreign acquisi- tions in key markets like the United States have helped to make us what we are today. A Group active in over fifty countries and on every continent, a leader in the water sector, a Group that day after day writes its his- tory and that of entire populations, acting on sustain- able development and technological innovation, but above all on the outstanding human and professional assets at its disposal, to develop evermore advanced construction solutions. This book seeks to share the path trodden in these past 110 years of dreams and passion, the history of its founders, and, through the history of the globe, it tracks the most important projects that have brought us to where we are today, and thanks to which we will continue to challenge history. It is a story we are proud to tell. Pietro Salini A STORY WE ARE PROUD TO TELL Pietro Salini Chief Executive Officer of Salini Impregilo