Pietro Salini Preface

The pyramids of the modern world - Pietro Salini

The history of humankind is punctuated by great works that have marked our progress on this planet.

To use a bold – but technically plausible – metaphor, we can perhaps say that the monumental dams now in existence throughout the world are the “pyramids of the modern world” – masterpieces of engineering that, rather than honour the memory of an individual, generate the power to drive human life forward and develop our communities.

The images brought together in this book – produced with the assistance of the Rizzoli publishing house – bear striking witness to Salini Impregilo’s contribution, over more than 100 years, to spreading these concrete symbols of progress across four continents of the world.

To underscore still further a history that has seen us build more than 230 dams and hydroelectric plants in over 50 countries, we have chosen to focus mainly on the projects with the greatest technical significance and socio-economic impact.

In the majority of cases they are enormous undertakings, which we have tackled not only with a laser focus on efficiency and the exploitation of the latest technologies, but above all with respect for the environment and for the lives and cultures of local people.

As such, we are rightly proud to say – without hint of hyperbole – that Salini Impregilo Group is now the global leader in water infrastructure, with a presence in over 50 countries and more than 33, 500 member of staff.

The “Dams of the World” are indeed the “pyramids of the modern world”, generating energy and wealth through the rational use of that most precious of resources: water.

And to borrow the words of Tahar Ben Jellow, who graciously agreed to write the preface to this book, we too believe that water “is time and life; the symbol of all civilization and the mirror of the sky”.

Through our ambitions and our hard work, we at Salini Impregilo remain committed to keeping the flames of human progress ever brighter.

Pietro Salini
Chief Executive Officer of Webuild (Previously Salini Impregilo)